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Sunday, October 24, 2010


We stayed home this weekend...the entire weekend for the first time in one month!  It was glorious to sleep in my own bed, make food in my kitchen, watch tv in my living room...

I think the the kids liked being home.  We all love to travel, to visit friends and family, and to explore.  However, there is just something relaxing and reassuring about "your home base" as well.

Drew got to go for a 20 mile bike ride on Saturday.  I went for a 10 mile run with M.  Everyone except Elena got haircuts.  We watched football.  We played, laughed, and just hung out with each other...what a great weekend.

Fun highlights from our weekend include Samuel trying to ride a "big" bike (Emma's first bike)

Samuel trying to figure out how to pedal forward...he prefers to pedal backwards

I love when I get Elena from her nap and I am greeted by this beautiful smiling face....

Happy girl after a long Sunday afternoon nap

 Emma and Jonah spent Sunday afternoon with Kathryn.  They got to eat ice cream, play at the park, make crafts, play games, and have so much fun being big kids....

E and J with Kathryn...Kathryn is holding her thank you flowers
What a wonderful weekend at home!!!!!

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