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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chocolate World

Chocolate World....just those words are almost enough!  But, I took pictures of my cute kiddos so there is more to share.

Chocolate World is part of Hershey Park and it is free!  We got to ride a little ride that explains how Hershey's makes their wonderful chocolate.  It is short and not overly exciting unless you are 8 and under.  The kids love it!  I like that you get a piece of candy at the end of the ride.  This year's choice was quite yummy.  Imagine a Hershey Kiss, but better!

The other favorite part of Chocolate World is an over-sized store where the kids know I will buy them a little souvenir and chocolate.  Can I just say that dark chocolate Hershey miniatures and dark chocolate PB cups are so good!!!

Look at all our fun....
My Reese's Jonah
My Hershey Kisses Samuel
My Hershey Miniature Elena
My Hershey chocolate bar Emma
Reese's racing car inside Chocolate World
Grammy and Grandpa with all 7 grandkids

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Creek

When Kelsey and I were little we used to go to our Aunt and Uncle's house to play and swim in the creek.  I remember the creek being shallow enough to walk in, but deep enough that we were not allowed to go by ourselves.  I also remember it being tons of fun!

This summer Kelsey and I had the opportunity to take our kiddos to the same creek.  Timing worked that we were all able to spend the day at our Aunt Judy and Uncle Gary's house.  Only now, they also have a pretty big pool in their yard as well as the creek.  It was a day of pure delight for seven little children.

Hanna and her water balloon
Leah riding in her tube
Maya hanging on
Emma having fun
Samuel, Elena, and me going for a boat ride
Hanna, Maya, Emma, Samuel, and Jonah going for a ride
Jonah dunking the ball
It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  We swam forever and ever.  There were tons of tubes and a little boat for the kids to use in the pool.  They played with water balloons in the pool.  The also played basketball using the net and the tubes as targets.  When they were kind of bored of swimming (which was hours) we played in the creek.  It was just a wonderful day spent playing and visiting with family!

Maya and Emma being cautious
Hanna and Samuel taking off with no fear
Samuel and Jonah
Samuel LOVED the creek!
Samuel checking out this picture!
Elena missed the fun as she was napping.

Riding Bikes

Emma, Samuel, Maya, Jonah, and Hanna
This was a big biking summer for us.  Jonah learned how to ride without training wheels and to start himself within a week.  Drew completed a 75 mile bike ride at camp.  Emma and Samuel enjoyed riding when with their cousins.  I just continued to watch and encourage from the sidelines.

At Kelsey's, we went on a couple of bike rides.  Samuel, bless his heart, pedaled his little legs off trying to keep up with the big kids.  He did a great job and actually completed a 2 mile ride with some help on the hills.  I was super proud of him. 

Obviously at home we do not have hills.  So, Emma and Jonah were thrilled to ride up and down hills.  It made me nervous not knowing how they would do, but no falls!  Poor little Hanna did have a big fall going down hill.  She flipped over her handle bars and somehow only managed to get a small bruise on her cheek and a scraped elbow.  Her bike was more damaged than she was injured.

At camp, Drew, Greta, and Doug went on a 75 mile bike ride around the Island.  The thought overwhelms me, but they did it and loved it.   It took them about 4.5 hours including stops to refill water and refuel with snacks.  Wow...I would still be pedaling!  If ever there was a place to ride that long, Vermont is it.  The views are amazing.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a before or after picture...bummer!

Bikes have not been a part of our life since we got home.  Temperatures in the 100's are just too much for any outdoor activity that does not involve swimming.  Hopefully Fall will be here soon!  Just look at how much fun they had.

Kelsey with Leah, Emma, Maya, Jonah, Samuel and Hanna
Hanna after the big spill (notice the handle bars)...still smiling!
Here comes Emma
Loved it!
There she goes and she made it!

Here comes Maya
Happy and serious at the same time!
Maya made it!
Here comes Jonah!
Jonah could not be happier!
Pedal, pedal, pedal...and he made it!
Jonah and Hayden
Look at their crazy it!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Outdoor fun

When it is not 100 degrees or hotter outside, it is possible to play outside.  We did a lot of that at Kelsey's house.  Kelsey always has great water toys, chalk, bubbles, and other outside toys for the kids.  

One of our outside days was filled with water balloon pinatas (so fun!), spray painting the kids hair, and children sundaes.  Yes, we covered the kiddos in chocolate syrup, Redi-Whip, cherries, sprinkles, and caramel sauce.  They loved it!!!  Unfortunately, Kelsey took most of the pictures that day so I don't have any of the human sundaes.

Sprinkler and water table play fun
Jonah and Samuel with spray painted hair getting ready for pinata time
Leah sportin' her cool hair color!
Leah enjoying the water slide
Elena "drinking" from the sprinkler
Hanna on the water slide
Bowie is also filled with so many wonderful parks.  Our favorites this year were the Dragon Park and the petting zoo park (the name is escaping me!)

Leah and Elena...."Frienemies!"
Jonah, Elena, Samuel, Emma, Maya, Leah, and Hanna
Elena "Driving"
Maya and Emma

The best part of the backyard fun was the camp out!  Scott won the best Daddy/Uncle award and agreed to camp out with the older kids in the backyard.  So, everyone except for Elena and Leah slept in the tent.  They actually slept and had lots of fun in the process!

All ready to go!
Kids and summer...what could be more fun!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Cottage

In July, we went to The Cottage.  The Cottage is Drew's family's home on the Sassafras River which is just off the Chesapeake.  The last time Drew and I were at The Cottage was when Emma was 18 months old.  It was a long overdue visit. 

We went with Kelsey, Scott, and the girls.  Drew's sisters, Greta and Emily and their families were there.  We missed Lara.  Drew's cousin Hayden and his family came.  Drew's Aunt Beth, Uncle John, and Uncle Steven were there as well.  Scott's parents also drove their boat over for the day. The dock was jam packed with people and we had a blast.

The kids played so hard all day long.  They swam, they boated, they tubed, and they played some more.  We had a wonderful meal...thank you Aunt Beth, Greta, and Emily.  Uncle Steven was the master boat driver!

Emma in 2005

Maya and Jonah "surfing"
Madeline and cousins
Hanna, Leah, Maya, Claire, Mary, Samuel, Luke, Colin, Elena, Jonah, friend, Madeline, Emma, and Lauren
Family shot at the end of a long day playing in the sun.
It had been a very long day for the kids.  They were all so tired.  And, despite re-applications of sunscreen most faces had too much sun especially poor Jonah.

It was a great day and we hope to make this an annual visit!  I want our children to experience the fun of The River and The Cottage just like their Daddy did when he was a little boy!!