To be the best Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend, and Runner I can be...God willing!

Monday, April 30, 2012

The IFs

I am a planner.  I take lots of things into consideration before making a plan.  Will it work for my family?  Will it work for the weather?  What is the cost?  What is the time commitment?  You get the idea.  Once I have a plan, I really want it to work.  I can be very easily annoyed if things don't go as scheduled.  I am working on this (one of many growth areas for me!).

So, when I made my decision to attempt a 1:45 half I put some serious thought into it.  I really feel like I am capable of that time.  I made a plan to help me achieve that goal.  I registered for a tune-up race to see if my training was on track. 

Then I ran that race and the weather was crappy.  It was crazy hot.  I have heard so many comments and read so many posts about the weather on Saturday.  I know it was not just me affected by the temperatures, but it is still messing with my head.  Why did I not hold my pace for the last 2.2 miles?  Why could I not breathe?  Why did I have to walk?  Why can't I just be happy with a 50:xx  Why, why, why?

And that sentence right there is where the learning and growing begins.  The whys in life can suck the life right out of you if you give them too much priority!  There is no point in dwelling on the ifs because reality is not the ifs.  Reality is what is true and that is where I need to make my peace.  God had a plan for me in this 10K.  I may not like His plan.  It was certainly not my plan, but I can and will learn from the experience. 

I can't control the weather.  I can only control me and I have to accept that I made the best decision to walk.  I gave my best effort.  I have to move on and press on toward my goal.  This was a step in the process not the mountaintop. 

Knowing how poorly I responded to the heat, I now question if I can run a 1:45 on June 2.  Can I?  And there it is if!  If I can....

What I can do and must do from here forward is think the ifs in a positive light.  Negative thoughts won't get me a 1:45.  If I work my plan, if I hit my paces, if my body is healthy, if I prepare mentally, and if I prepare spiritually I have controlled all I can control.   That is all I can ever do....control what I can and give the rest to God. 

I have reworked my plan some.  I am giving it my all over the next four weeks.  It is what I can control.  There are no ifs in that!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Green 6.2

Last Monday I did not think I would get to run this 10K.  By Wednesday night I was convinced I could if Drew was on board with my plan.  Thankfully , he was, but while running I was wishing he had said no!

Off I went at 6:15am Saturday morning to drive to the race.  This kids were scheduled to run the Kids 1K, but there was a conflict with Samuel's soccer schedule.  So, no go for them, but it was a go for me.  I arrived with plenty of time to use the lovely port-o-pots that had hand washing stations.  I was so impressed.  I ate my banana and ran some to get my legs in gear. 

I find it challenging to know where to line up at a race.  I am not going to win so the first two or three rows are a definite no.  After that it is hard to know.  I don't want to go out too fast which I do way too often.  This time my decision was so off.  I was probably a quarter of the way and I had way too much slow running before I could get up to pace.  I was really discouraged by this because for me I waste a lot of mental and physical energy. 

It was a hot sunny day and I was concerned about hitting my goal of sub 50 minutes.  I don't run well in warm weather and add humidity and I am doomed.  That was Saturday.  Hot, humid, sunny and minimal wind to cool things a bit.  Thankfully the first 2-3 miles were along tree lined streets and there was good shade! 

My pace for the first four miles was very consistent.  I was super pleased, but could feel the end of success.  I was getting overheated and I did not have water with me.  There were only two water stations.  At both I dumped more on me than I drank.    The last two plus miles were mostly in the sun and the race became more of a mental battle than a physical battle.

I was having trouble breathing.  Humidity always causes me to wheeze so I had to give in and walk.  I decided I would rather quickly catch my breath than run super slow.  I thought this would be the quicker solution and I think it was.  I walked four times for about 20 seconds each to catch my breath.  Who knows.  Maybe I should have run slower.

I knew about 5 miles in it was not going to happen.  There was no way I would break 50 minutes and I made peace with that at that moment.  I was just too hot to care.  I don't remember any of my music.  I barely remember the last mile of the run.  Thinking about it now I believe I was too hot!!  After the race I learned of several people that needed treatment on the course and as they finished.  It was just hot!

With about a half mile to go the Houston half marathon pacer passed me and I was so mad.  That motivated me to give all I had left, which was not much, for the last part of the race. I finished about three seconds behind her and managed to qualify for the race.  I don't even know if I want to run it, but I have a little while to decide. 

My official time was 50:26.  My garmin was 6.39 for 50:20.  Someday I might figure out how to run the tangents well and be close to the race distance.

So, this was my third 10K and I don't know why I keep running them.  I don't pace them well AT ALL!  I can't figure how to manage the sprint with a longer distance well.  I just don't do 10K's well.  But, it is like a bad car wreck. You look when you know you should look away.  Still I have this strange desire to run another one.  What is wrong with me?!

The one thing I did learn/decide is that I will line up in row 5 of people.  I believe I have enough race etiquette to stay out of the way of the faster runners.  I also would rather be passed than have to weave around slower people.   In shorter races not being able to start at pace is such a detriment. 

I also learned that I want to get better, faster, and stronger.  Despite despising this distance, I want to conquer it!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Samuel's soccer debut!

Today was the BIG DAY!  The day sweet Samuel has been waiting to come for months!  Today was opening day of soccer!

He was a little nervous at first, but he has an amazing coach and got brave quickly.  Brandon is great with the kids and he loves soccer.  In fact, Brandon played on the National Jr. Soccer Team and he started playing on the fields at Strack when he was 3.  I don't know if that will be Samuel's path, but it is wonderful to have a coach who still loves soccer after years of intense playing.  He has another coach as well and her name is Jessica.  Samuel said she was so pretty!

Samuel's team has nine players.  It is a mix of boys and girls age 4 and 5.  Five players take the field at a time.  There are 4 six minute quarters.  The field is obviously small and just perfect  for little ones learning to play.

For most of the game it looked like a rugby srum or like moths to a light.  It was just so precious to watch.  Unfortunately, Samuel's team lost 4-2. 
An action shot
Samuel running to the ball

I truly don't think he has any idea what the score was.  I do know that he was sad he did not score a goal or get the ball in the net as he said.  He was also sad that he did not receive the weekly sportsmanship medal.  A different child wins each week.   He cried...poor baby.  It is part of learning and he recovered quickly after getting a hug from me and positive words of encouragement from his coach.
Samuel said, "we were huddling up!"
When we got home I asked if he was ready to play again next week.  He said, "Mom, I am going to play every week!"

Friday, April 27, 2012

A surprise family night

We have a really, really busy weekend....a race, a soccer practice and game, church, a choir concert, and yard work.  Who knows what else will occur amongst all that!  I was worried that we would not have time for our normal Sunday afternoon/evening family activity so Drew and I planned a Friday surprise for the kids. 

We decided to pick up Emma and Jonah from school which was already a surprise.  They normally ride the bus.  I called the school to change them to car riders.  When we got them they were a little shocked to see everyone in the car.  After some poor guesses we told them about our plan.

I have a race tomorrow morning and needed to pick up my race packet race day pick up.  So, instead of going by myself we made an adventure out of it.  We got my stuff, picked up dinner at a yummy sub place, bought dessert at Nothing Bundt Cakes (oh so amazing) and headed to Williams Tower to eat, play, and enjoy the waterfall. 

Williams Tower

Emma and Elena enjoying the fountain area
They kids had never been there so they had no idea what to expect.  They LOVED it.  The waterfall is really quite impressive and gives off a generous spray.  The had such fun running in front of the fountain and in the field in front of the Tower.  They also thought the building looked like it was going to fall on them.  I would agree it did if you were looking up at it. 

The weather was awesome.  It was sunny and windy, but not hot.  We enjoyed our subs and chips and then it was on to dessert.  I have had the bundt cakes at two races and so like them.  Having to drive downtown seemed like a great reason to buy one.  We decided on the red velvet cake with cream cheese icing (probably my favorite all time cake)!  It was yummy and we have leftovers for tomorrow...score!

Beautiful presentation
Delicious looking bundt cake
Jonah with the "what" expression!  He was finished with his piece before everyone was served and he was not served first.

Pure joy and fun on her face!

I just love this squished picture!

Isn't it just the coolest fountain and an awesome setting for a picture?  It was definitely a successful surprise family outing!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The first Tuesday in October Emma started participating in the Jogging Club at school.  She went to school every Tuesday at 7:20 and ran/jog for approximately 20-25 minutes. The club met 26 times this year and Emma missed one Tuesday.
I was super excited she wanted to join this club.  Of course I bought her a cute little running shirt and shorts. 

I was again proud of her commitment and bought her another running shirt last week.  Honestly, if it was in grown up sizes I would have bought one for me too!
Can you see the sneaker print on it...LOVE!
Yesterday was her last meeting and her grand total for the year was 61 miles! Her average each week was 2.4 miles.  I am so proud!!

I love that Emma has a like for running.  I plan to do my best to foster this like so that someday it may become love, but at least always stay a like! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Laundy and then this

Being a family of six with two parents who exercise almost daily we create loads upon loads of laundry.  We do it quickly.  I spent many parts of Sunday and Monday doing laundry.  I was caught up...all washed, folded, and put away.  I was so proud and thankful! 

Then today this is what I see when Jonah gets off the bus.

For real!  He was working with paper mache at school and got it all himself. It is even on his new shoes which I made him take off almost before he came in the house.   Let the laundry begin again...

Monday, April 23, 2012

I found the long run

I have been running pretty much five days a week since the marathon.  Running helped ease the soreness and I have gradually built back distance and speed.  Since I am not training for a marathon there is not much need to run long.  I should clarify and state that I don't really consider 10-12 miles to be long anymore.  It is long, but not really long! 

But, I have missed running long.  I love being out on my own just me and my thoughts.  I missed thinking about my legs being really tired.  I missed having all that time to pray.  I missed pushing myself...challenging myself...making myself stronger!

This past week it was time.  I needed a long run and I got a great long run.  I ran 15 miles with the goal of 6 at 8 minute mile pace.  After that I wanted to push the time still and finish strong.  Races for me are not great unless I finish strong.  I work hard so I have enough left to finish and finish STRONG!

I actually ran 7 miles at my goal pace.  My times were 8:00, 8:07, 7:42, 8:04, 7:52, 8:00 and 8:08.  These were miles 7-13.  I had already run 6 miles so my legs were not fresh and I worked for these times.  The best part was I could have gone harder for longer.  However, I don't want my long runs to be my races.  I want to challenge myself and know I can do more.  This run proved that to me.

Overall my 15 mile time was 2:07 with an average pace time of 8:28.  Gunning for a 1:45 half is crazy fast for me and it will be a HUGE challenge.  Again, without BIG GOALS there is not much point to this.  The goal is there and the belief is starting to come!

Choosing to see the positive

I do love being a mom.  I love my little people with all my heart.  I love being a stay at home mom.  I love raising my children to be healthy, happy, kind, generous, loving, respectful, confident God-loving people.  Thankfully God is joining me on this journey because He certainly knows Drew and I can't do this on our own! 

But, I don't love all the moments of my day.  Sometimes those little people grate my last nerve that probably was not very big to start.   Take this morning for example.  Samuel actually slept in which I thought would mean a good start to the day for him.  Well, I was so wrong.  He woke up and immediately started whining and crying for this and that.  I tried so hard..even prayed...that I would remain patient, but I just failed.  Seriously, it is disrespectful to wake on your own after 11 hours of sleep (a lot for him) and to be grouchy!  So, I told him that he was being the biggest pain in the butt in the world.  Not a great moment for me!    Thank goodness the Bible says this about some of my finer moments in mommyhood: 

God's loyal love couldn't have run out,
   his merciful love couldn't have dried up.
They're created new every morning.
   How great your faithfulness!
I'm sticking with God (I say it over and over).
   He's all I've got left. 
Lamentations 3:22-24 The Message 

Some days I really feel like I need each morning to occur every hour!

Then there are the times when their plans get in the way of my plans.  That is all part of being a mommy...sacrificing and I am okay with that.  But, that does not make it any easier. 

Samuel has wanted to play soccer for the longest time and I have no idea why.  He just loves soccer.  I was finally able to register him for a spring league that begins this coming Saturday.  He was so excited and I was very excited for him.  However, my excitement waned a little or maybe a lot this morning when I saw the schedule.  Practice begins at 9am and his game follows at 9:45.  All of that is good if I wasn't registered to run a 10K on Saturday at 8am about a hour away.  Guess who won't be running a 10K on Saturday?  I am kind of sad about this because I was thinking pretty big goals for this race.  But, I also would not miss his first ever soccer game to run a race.  I am thinking the smile on his face on Saturday morning will erase my disappointment.

Now, I just pray he loves playing soccer as much as he loves the idea of playing soccer!

In their hearts humans plan their course,
   but the LORD establishes their steps. 
Proverbs 16:9 

Someday maybe I will learn this!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It is becoming our habit

When we left Colorado I decided that I wanted our family to do something together as a family each weekend.  Drew and I can fill an entire weekend with house and yard work.  The kids help and it can be fun, but I would not call it a family activity.  So far, all our fun activities revolve around serious activity like biking and running, which of course I LOVE!  The more active this family is the happier I am. 

On Saturday we decided to go for a bike ride that ended at a park where we would have dinner.  We ended up with four tickets to the Astros game (more on that later) so we postponed our biking plan until today.   

We headed out in the late afternoon and slowly biked 3.8 miles until we arrived at the park.  Considering Samuel still uses training wheels I was super proud of his effort!  The kids loved playing at the park.  They created some game that kept them busy playing for almost 45 minutes before we ate our lunch-like dinner. 

When Samuel realized we were eating sandwiches with cut up veggies and fruit for dinner he was slightly shocked.  He said, "this is dinner!"  He thought it was entirely possible for me to bring spaghetti and meatballs on the bike ride to the park for dinner...okay!
After dinner there was more playing including a game of tag, throwing tennis balls, and riding on the park toys!
After all the fun we prepared to ride home.  Of course, being a little nuts like I am I wanted to end our ride on 5 miles even.  So, even though the kids were tired we biked the long way home.  All in all it was a great evening! 
When we arrived home the reward for all the effort was ice cream sandwiches! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Day in the Life

I know everyone wonders what we do all day so I thought I would share a typcial gym day at our house.  By gym, I mean gymnastics!  And, of course, this is a day through my eyes...

4:50  I wake up, dress, eat a banana, drink water, and leave to meet Maryah to run.  It is an amazingly cool morning and we have a great four mile run.  I drive home and run two more miles on the treadmill for a total of 6.  Drew leaves for his morning bike ride. 

6:40 Emma wakes up.  She uses an alarm (such a big girl!).  Samuel is already awake because recently he does not think sleep is important (note sarcasm!).  I wake Jonah at 6:50.  We rush through eating, fixing hair, brushing teeth, and making lunches.  I walk them to the bus stop and our neighbor girl at 7:15. 

7:20  I make breakfast for me and Samuel.  I enjoy reading some online devotions, catching up on Facebook, reading emails, and looking at some blogs.  Samuel bothers me..oh I mean asks me...for milk about three times in 40 minutes.  He loves milk and has to be cut off each day.  Drew leaves for work by 7:45. 

8:20  I head upstairs to shower and get ready for the day. 

9:00  I get Elena up for the day.  She is a sleeper and I could not be more thankful for this!  I give her breakfast and get her dressed.  Samuel gets dressed and they play while I finish my morning tasks (dishes, making beds, picking up various things, starting laundry)

10:00  We leave for Target.  We need a few things and I am getting Icee's for a treat for all when we have lunch at Haude.

11:00  Arrive at Haude for lunch with Emma and Jonah.  I had packed a lunch for Elena and Samuel so everyone gets to eat.  They all love their Icee's!  After eating we go to the Book Fair and buy books for everyone including their teachers.  Emma has to be reminded that it is a Book Fair not a poster, pencil, and pen fair.  She does end up with three great books.  She loves to read!

12:15  Home again and Drew surprises the little ones by coming home for lunch.  After lunch it is play time until nap time.

1:30  I read to Elena and put her down for a nap.  Samuel is exhausted because he woke at 6am so I turn on a show for him.  Within 20 minutes, he is out and sleeps for almost an hour!

2:30  I make meatballs and spaghetti for dinner for us and our neighbor.  Love having dinner finished in the afternoon!  I also do some work for Dr. Parker and do more laundry.

3:30  Everyone is awake again and they have snacks.  Emma and Jonah get off the bus at 3:45.  They have snack and change for the gym.

4:15  We leave for the gym.  Jonah goes in first.  Emma and I study her spelling before she goes in at 4:45.  I am so exhausted from waking so early this week that I sleep for five minutes.  Emma wakes me before she has to go.   Eight year olds are great!

5:00  Home again to put away laundry and finish making dinner.  I play some with Elena and Samuel until Drew gets home.

6:15  We eat.  I clean up quickly and head back to the gym with two dinner's with me.  Jonah is finished at 7p.  He eats and we finish his homework.  Emma is finished at 8p. 

8:10  We are back home for the LAST time today!  Emma finishes eating.  I finish cleaning the kitchen.  Jonah and Emma head upstairs for showers.  Drew puts Elena to bed while I read to the boys.  By 8:40 everyone is in bed and almost asleep. 

8:45  I check email, read some blogs, and relax on the couch with Drew until 10p.  We go to bed after watching the weather (love the weather!).  I am out cold by 10:25!

So, there you go...a day in the life at the Mann house! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guess what Drew bought?

I wish I could say it was something really awesome like diamond earrings, a new sofa, or new running shoes for me.  Nope!  He bought himself a new truck!  Yes, a brand spanking new brownish bronze truck....

He has always wanted a truck and I gave up talking him out of it.  And, his car was about to fall apart any day now.  We did need a new vehicle of some sort.  Of course, this is an extra special truck.  We live in Texas and everything is bigger and better here, right?  The one thing that is definitely a big deal in Texas is trucks and now our truck has a special Texas logo on it. 

The kids faces were like it was Christmas morning.  Kind of crazy if you ask me, but fun to watch.  Samuel's excitement was out of control.  It was so funny.
This is their favorite part of the truck.
Drew and his new ride!
Emma could not wait to do a handstand in the truck silly!
And, Jonah had to do one too!

Speed work...yikes it's hard!

About six weeks ago I registered to run a half marathon in June.  I decided that I really want to run a fast half despite the possibility of hot temperatures.  That may be crazy especially given the conditions on Monday at the Boston Marathon, but I am sticking to my goal.  To help meet my goal I knew I had to incorporate speed work into my training.

My currently training plan holds progression runs, tempo runs, hill work, and good old-fashioned track work.  Well, track work completed on the treadmill. Still, I am now running 800 and 400 meter repeats.

To say this is challenging is an understatement.  Running long is not this immediately exhausting, but I am loving it.  I am thoroughly tired when I finish and my legs cry out each time I go up the stairs for the next few hours.  But, I am keeping on with my plan.  There is only one way to get fast and that is to run faster.

Last week I did four 800 meter repeats with an 800 rest in between the fast ones.  I ran a 7:30 mile pace and the last one was killer hard.  But, I felt good when I was finished.  I felt like I had accomplished something challenging and with relative success.  This week I did seven 400 meter repeats at a 7:24 mile pace with a 300 meter rest between each one.  I think I fell in love with 400 meter repeats today.  You run fast and it is over quickly.  A win-win for me.

I must say that by 400 number seven I was TIRED!  My legs really just wanted to walk and my arms wanted to hold onto the sides.  However, neither of those options will get me a faster half time.  I ran and gutted it out to the finish and LOVED IT!  I am already planning on picking up the pace next week and attempting between 8-10 repeats.  Can I do it?  We shall see, but I am determined and I do have "Dancing with the Stars" to keep me company!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


When Lent began I decided to add instead of take away.  I added nightly journaling with the purpose being to write about the positives in my day.  I did not want to re-read my thoughts and see negatives. 

Truly, it was one of my best decisions ever.  I really enjoyed writing and I did write just about every night before bed.  I liked thinking over my day and remembering how great my life is!  Even on the "hard" days there was ALWAYS a few positive/happy things.

As time neared to run the marathon journaling was amazing.  All my anxiety and confidence is written down for me to have forever.  I just know that it will be a huge help to reread that should I ever run another!

So, I love journaling and it became a part of my routine.  Then I left it in a hotel and it was gone.  I felt a huge loss when I realized everything...all my thoughts, my memories, my emotions for the past seven weeks were gone.  Thankfully, I called the hotel and they had it...phew!  Thankfully, my sister Kristin was able to pick it up and mail it to me. 

Waiting for it to arrive in the mail was daily torture for me.  Finally, it arrived on Monday and my smile was just so BIG!!!  I felt like a piece of me had returned.  I have been a writing fool since Monday afternoon!!  It is just the prettiest book ever!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

It is becoming a bad habit...

I try really, really hard to unschedule my kids.  They are only allowed one activity in addition to school and church.  Drew and I don't start them in activities at some crazy young age.  We limit play dates because family time is important. But, I see this pattern developing of me over-scheduling me. 

Last week I felt too busy and a little scattered all week.  Those feeling make me tired and thus wanting to sleep more.  That is no good because then I really battle to get up to run and we all know what happens when I don't run.  Yes, I become one tired and cranky mommy!

I see the same pattern developing for this week and the week has barely begun.  See what I mean...
Monday, I have MOMS group, a Session meeting, and Jonah has gymnastics. 

Tuesday, Samuel has a dental appointment, Jonah is singing at school in the morning, Samuel is supposed to have a play date, and there is gymnastics in the afternoon. 

Wednesday Jonah is singing again at school, Emma has a dental appointment, I have to make a dessert for a church event, and Drew has choir.

Thursday and Friday are pretty open except for gymnastics on Thursday.

Somewhere in this mess of a week, I have to find time to do the regular mommy things like cook, clean, play with my kids, and run.  The end of the school year is always so busy hence the singing two days in a row.  And, I do think each week is only going to get worse from now until May 31st (the glorious last day of school).

So, now I have to make tough decisions that annoy my sweet kiddos.  I will only see Jonah sing one time this week...Wednesday.  Thankfully, it will coordinate with getting Emma out early to go to the dentist.  Tuesday's play date has to be on Thursday because the dental appointment must happen.  That will make things more balanced for me and thus for everyone else as well.

But, things won't get accomplished with this much running around town.  There will be little cleaning and organizing this!  Laundry will probably not be folded in a timely manner.  Dinners will be quick and easy, but still healthy...a must!  There will be no staying at the gym to watch Emma and Jonah.  All of that is a bummer because I crazily like all that stuff.  However, there will still be running and lots of it!!

It is funny that I have been feeling out of whack and over-committed the past two weeks.  God placed in front of me tonight a blog post from Women Living Well on time management...ha!  My favorite part of the post was:  "we should be praying "Thy will be done" not "my list be done"!!  How is that for timely!!!

My pray is that I remember this all week long.  God has a plan for each of my days and I just have to remember that each day.  His Will will be done...not mine no matter how much I try.  And, I must remember if I try too hard, I just become one tired, cranky, mean, unreasonable person because my plan inevitably will probably fail.  That is not who I want to be this week.  I am choosing right now to have a great week. I  am choosing JOY for my week not frustration!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Fun Run

This morning Emma and Jonah's school hosted its big Spring fundraiser....Boosterthon Fun Run!  The Boosterthon people have been at the school for the last 9 days talking about fitness, leadership, character, and fun with the students.  For the fundraiser, each student runs laps up to 35 and asks friends and family for pledges per laps run.    A flat donation could also be given.
This year's theme!
Emma and Jonah excitedly asked grandparents and other family members for donations.  They both raised over $200, which makes me proud!

This morning Elena and I arrived at school at 8:30 to watch Jonah complete his laps.  Being completely dumb, I left my sunglasses at home and had to squint for two hours....dumb!  At least I remember a blanket, toy, snack, and milk for Elena.  All that kept her pretty entertained for two hours!
We forgot her sunglasses too!
I was super happy with the program.  The announcer was very enthusiastic.  Many of the laps had a different theme...skipping, lassoing, robot motions, walking, football, etc.  There was a water station.  Laps were marked off on each child's t-shirt which was provided by Boosterthon.  It was just so well organized.

Jonah proudly completed his 35 laps!

Jonah holding his cup and his friend Connor is right in front of him.

Elena, me, and a sweaty Jonah

Emma's grade ran from 9:30 to 10:30.  She also completed 35 laps!!!!

Ashlynn, Emma, and Raegan
Me and a sweaty Emma
I think this is the best fundraiser EVER!  The programs raises money for schools.  It encourages exercise!  The students have a lot of ownership in the program.  And, almost the best part (running is the best part!) is no cookie, candle, wrapping paper, etc delivery for mommy!