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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday!!

We have been doing a 15 week challenge at my MOMents group at church.  A recent challenge was to list 25 things I was thankful for that day.  Here is my list from today...

1.  Cooler weather (it is about time!)
2.  Walks with my kiddos
3.  Running and not sweating
4.  Picnic lunch in the backyard with Jonah and Samuel
5.  New candles
6.  Kisses from Elena...the absolute best!
7.  Halloween costumes
8.  Projects getting finished
9.  Leftovers for dinner
10.  Clean floors
11.  Vacumming
12.  Talking to Kelsey on the phone
13.  "Scared Shrekless"
14.  A foot that is healing
15.  Greek yum!
16.  Hot chocolate
17.  Painting my fingernails
18.  Painting Emma's toenails
19.  No homework
20.  Elena sleeping all night
21.  Having the windows open all day
22.  Planning a Halloween party menu
23.  Drew picking up the dry cleaning
24.  My family
25.  Snuggles with my kiddos and Drew

I hope everyone else had at least this many blessings today!

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