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Saturday, May 28, 2011

16 miles baby!

Today I did what I failed to accomplish two other times. 

My first attempt was a no go because I was sick. 

My second attempt was derailed by a dog.  A little dog started following me around mile 10 and continued to do so for three miles...really!?  I did not know what to do about the dog so I took it to Petco and basically begged the people to take the dog.  They did, but by then I was out of time and had to call Drew to come get me.  I managed one more mile before he met me.

So, today I was feeling good and off I went.  I ran where I don't usually run and I really liked the change of pace.  It was nice to see other runners and have different scenery.  I also had to run more "hills" and I use this term loosely.  My goal was 10 minute miles and my average pace for 16 miles was 9:56.  I was tired when I got home, but I felt like I had more in the tank.

I learned that I am probably going to be hungry during my marathon and I will have to figure out what I can eat.  I don't think Gu is going to cut it.

My hip/IT band hurt beginning at mile 9 and I had to stretch it twice.  I am going to have to baby it this summer.  Hopefully it heals.  I don't want to have to go the PT route.

Today I learned that I have become a strong runner.  Less than one year later I ran part of a loop I ran last July. I had to walk three times then.  I think about that run all the time and it haunts me because it went so poorly.  Today as I ran up the last "hill" I did not even consider running and I was 14.5 miles into my run.  Last year my run was 6.3 miles total.  I was so proud of my body and my mental stamina today!

Tomorrow is a recovery run and I think my legs will be ready!

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