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Friday, May 13, 2011

Why I will never be a triathlete!

I love to run.  I like to swim.  I own a bike.  Notice I did not describe biking with an affectionate term.  Biking is okay and fun to do with my family.  It might be something I could love as a recreational activity.  I will never bike competitively and this is why:

Exhibit A:
Drew's elbow which looks even more gross today

Exhibit B:  
Drew's upper arm

Exhibit C: 
Drew's thigh/hip area on his leg with his arm next to his leg...not another body part!
Drew wrecked his bike on Thursday.  This is the aftermath plus some other scraped areas on his hands and legs.  His bike needs to be repaired.  Drew can barely least not quickly!  The saving grace was his helmet because his head hit the ground pretty hard.

I have only fallen once when running and the scrape I got was nothing compared to this.  Running is all about my legs, my head, my arms, my body.  I am not dependent on anything else and that is how I like. 

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