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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fountains are fun!

I took Jonah, Samuel, and Elena to the fountains at Market Street on Tuesday.  I had a little help from Meemaw which was nice.

It was the first time Elena has experienced the jumping fountains and her faces were precious.  She loves water, but was not sure what to think of this new thing.  She did have lots of fun once she got used to not knowing when the water was coming up.

Samuel ran around like the crazy little boy he is.  Jonah thought the fountain area was a tumbling mat.  He did cartwheel after cartwheel, which I just thought was too funny.  He also did many handstands.  It is amazing we have not been to the ER recently with all his daredevil stunts!

I also had to take a picture of the cutest statue I have seen in a while.  It just made me smile looking at it.

Elena tired of playing in the fountains and just wanted to watch.  I love these two pictures of her just looking and learning about the world around her.

It was a fun outing and I was super excited to learn that The Woodlands has other fountains now too.  We can't wait to visit them soon!

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