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Thursday, July 14, 2011

It has been a while

Wow!  It has been almost three weeks since I wrote about our fun little lives!  We have been super busy...a little too busy.  We left the beginning of July and headed to Oriental, North Carolina.  Elena hated being in the car for 8 or so hours a day.  She refused to nap and just screamed for the better part of three days.  UGH!  After three long, long, long days we finally arrived!!!!!

Since being here, we have boated, tubbed, fished, gone to the beach twice, done some sight seeing, taught Jonah had to ride a two wheeler, gone to the pool a few times, dug for shark's teeth, ate tons of food, and played lots!  The kids are super tired everyday, which is wonderful at bedtime.

Maya, Hanna, and Leah are here too!  The added bonus of playmates for everyone is great.  The kids....all seven of them under age well together.  It is hilarious to watch Leah (four months older than Elena) and Elena "play together".  They like to say hi and walk around each other, but they are still acquiring the ability to share and to be nice to one another.

I have been running lots, which is nice.  Last week I hit 40 miles for the second time, which was super exciting for me!!!  Scott and I headed out for a 10 mile run on Friday and OOPS...the loop was 14 miles!  I loved it as I did not think I would get a plus 10 run in on this trip.  Tomorrow is my last day to run here and I am going to relish every moment I get to run along the water!

I have taken so many pictures that I filled my memory card!  I need to download them and promise to share them soon!

The only bad thing about being in NC is that there is no Drew.  He is home working...bummer!

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