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Monday, July 25, 2011

North Carolina in pictures

Again, I have been a horrible blogger.  I am too busy having fun!  We are currently in Bowie, MD with my sister Kelsey and her family.   Fun hardly describes our days.  I have had the pleasure of giving my children "the best day of my life" several times in the past two weeks!  There will be more about that fun later.

I finally uploaded picture highlights from our time in Oriental, North Carolina.  Looking at all our fun makes me want to go back soon!

We had a birthday party for Emma complete with ribs, grilled chicken, and a yummy ice cream cake.  These pictures our from that day.

We went to Atlantic Beach twice.  The kids loved, loved, loved the beach.  It is beautiful and uncrowded.  Elena did like the water, but was a little unsure at times.  Samuel was more willing to go in the water this year, but he also enjoyed playing in the sand.  Jonah and Emma were total water bugs.  I think they would have stayed all day.

The kids rode their bikes almost every morning.  Jonah learned how to ride without training wheels and to start by himself.  I was so proud of him.  When I was not helping Jonah ride, I got to pull Leah and Elena around in a wagon.

I baked cupcakes and banana bread.  Elena and Leah loved looking in the oven.  It was hilarious!

Emma, Maya, and Hanna went on a tour of Tryon Palace.  They enjoyed learning about how little girls lived in the 1800's.  We all went to Fort Macon, which the boys loved.  They saw canons, canon balls, a fort, and very cool old tools.

Despite all that fun, what we probably enjoyed the most was just hanging out at the dock.  The kids fished, swam, kayaked, and watched/went for boat rides.

I mean what is not to love about Dawson Creek....

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