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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ahoy Mateys!!

A week ago we went on a Pirate Adventure sailing cruise in Annapolis.  Kelsey had been planning this surprise activity for weeks and it almost did not happen.  We hoped to get on the 9:30am ship so off Scott went before the sun to get our tickets.  There was an overwhelming desire to take a Pirate Cruise that day so all the tickets were sold out until the 5pm boat.  So, after some rescheduling and assuring disappointed children that we would still go, we went!

I thought it would be fun, but I had no idea what would happen on our hour long boat ride.  It was amazing.  The crew was energetic, fun, and engaging.  The ship looked like a pirate ship.  The kids dressed like pirates complete with costumes, bandanas, and face paint.  People and other props were staged in the harbor to complete the adventure.

The kids learned pirate "speak"!  They searched for and found treasure.  They got to keep some of it as well.  The found "grog" to drink (otherwise known as Sprite).  Samuel tested the "grog" to see if it would make him sleepy.  He was a little nervous, but did it and was so happy when all the shipmates cheered when he did not fall asleep.  It was then time for "grog" for all!!  They defeated bad pirates who were trying to steal the treasure.  It was really just so well done and tons of fun.

Emma's pirate name was Enchanting Emma
Jonah's pirate name was Jolly Jonah
Hanna, Maya, and Emma looking for treasure
Samuel's pirate name was Sail Away Samuel.  He looked in awe of the activities most of the time.
Elena's pirate name was Eager Elena

The kiddos without Jonah were enjoying some "Grog"
It was a super fun adventure enjoyed by everyone even the little girls.  We are so thankful for Uncle Scott's effort to get us tickets and for Aunt Kelsey's planning!  Ahoy!

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