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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A cat...oh my!

On Saturday night we decided to have a marshmallow roast.  It is necessary to have s'mores when cousins visit!  As Drew was doing this...

a cat came into our yard.  Well, when it was dark and time to roast some yummy marshmallows, Yuengling spied the cat.  Lucky for us, Yuengling chased it up the tree and then the cat was stuck.  Yes, stuck!  After the kids were in bed, we tried for about an hour to get the cat out of the tree, but no luck.  We decided it would come down some time during the night....wrong!

On Sunday after church, Drew climbed the ladder again...this time our bigger ladder (we had to get it from a neighbor) to retrieve the cat.

Drew made friends with "Socks" as she was named by the kids and finally he was able to get her safely out of the tree. 

I thought he was so smart for wrapping her (I guess she was a her...I don't really know!) in a towel so she could not scratch him.  "Socks" was very sweet, but I very sweetly informed the kiddos that we were not keeping her.  After making herself comfortable under the trampoline for well over an hour, "Socks" finally left to return to her home.  Yeah, to Drew for rescuing her and yeah that she left!

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