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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love taking pictures at church!

Our church has a beautiful Labyrinth.    I have never actually gone there to pray or mediate or anything like that.  I am afraid that I would get dizzy walking in circles again and again...ridiculous and laughable I know!  I do love to go there to take pictures and I "force" my family to go there for that purpose at last several times a year.  Sunday was no exception.  Family in town and at church means cute pictures will be taken after church.  It is my rule!

With four children getting a quality family photo is something that I rarely expect to achieve.  Getting four children to stand for a picture and look generally pleasant is all I ask at this stage in our life.  Coming to this realization has reduced my stress greatly when trying to take pictures.

With that said the family photos are not great. 

The individual pictures are AWESOME!!!!

Running around like a crazy fool!
Just watching...
What mom?
I will pose for you!
Wait for me!  Here I come!!
Oh, pictures...wait I might not come!
Okay, I guess I will come over.

Let's get out of here while we can!

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