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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rodeo 10K

I ran my second ever 10K on Saturday.  It was in downtown Houston with 13,000 other runners!  The race began just before the Rodeo parade started.

The beginning was very cool because there were tons of people lining the streets cheering.  I was running along the edge so I could see Emma, Jonah, Samuel, Elena and Drew.  People were high fiving, waving, and hollering.  It was a good 'ole Texas time.

Sea of Runners

Getting ready to High Five my kiddos!

Unfortunately for me the fun ended pretty soon after the race began.  I expended too much energy weaving around people who lined up in the wrong place....super frustrating.  It was more humid than I anticipated so I wanted water more often than I could get it.  And, I hated the long run over the overpass. 

So, I mentally defeated myself and finished nowhere near my "hoped for" time.  It was a good learning experience for me.  I will now never run without my own water for any race longer than 5 miles.  The water stations are too crowded and I wanted water in between the stations.  I will be more patient at the start of crowded runs so I don't waste too much energy running around other people.  Finally, I will listen to my music.  I pick the songs I do for a reason and I have them set to play at certain times. I barely remember hearing any of my music on Saturday.  It was just an off day.  Thank goodness the parade was fun!

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