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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The rodeo

Every year the rodeo is in Houston for about a month.  The kids have never actually seen the rodeo, but they have seem lots of little animals and big animals.  It is a fun experience for everyone and this year was no exception.

We saw piglets born two days ago, lambs born that morning, and calves born the day before we were there....precious little babies.  Perhaps, the cutest is the newly hatched chicks.  They are so tired from all the pecking that they just lay there.  It is just so cute.  Of course, no trip to the rodeo would be complete without BBQ.  Jonah said at lunch time,  "I want whatever that smell is!"

A little tractor ridin'
Emma was overjoyed at the sight of sausage on a stick.  She said it was the best lunch ever.  

We passed these cool statues on the way out of the park.  Of course, I had to have pictures!

Elena was less than happy that I was not holding her...still cute!
See, she was happier when I was holding her!

Ten minutes into the drive home, I see this and had to have a picture.  

Out cold!
Samuel was asleep within the next couple of minutes, but he was too far away from me to get a picture.  The rodeo was super fun, but super tiring for all!

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