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Sunday, March 27, 2011

It has been one year of.... year of running!  One year ago Saturday I ran the Masterpiece Fitness 5K.  I was so out of shape just having had Elena three months earlier.  It was hard, but it re-ignited my love for running.  Only this time around my love for running took on a whole new life.

I was a braver runner.  I was a runner who wanted to really learn about running.  I was a runner who wanted to push myself more, run farther, and run faster. 

I started reading running magazines.  I found running blogs (I am now slightly addicted to them!).  I read anything online I could fine.  I learned tons and was slowly becoming braver.  And, the best part of running besides all the obvious health benefits was the time by myself.  I did and do not care if I have to run in the dark because those few precious minutes or hours to myself make me a better mommy and wife!

Since I started logging my miles at the end of last July I have run 768 miles...crazy!  I have run 11 competitive races.  I even convinced Emma and Jonah to run a one mile race.  I have bought more sneakers than any other type of shoe...sad I know.

I am so thankful that Drew is beyond supportive of my running.  He is the best daddy/husband in the world to watch the kids while I log long runs each Saturday and run races.  It is a lot of work on his part.  I am so thankful for my kiddos who cheer me on each time I run.  I am also thankful that my running can support larger causes.  I can't wait to see where my legs carry me in the next year!!

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