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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bowie, of my favorite places!

Last weekend we were at Kels and Scott's for family and the Cherry Blossom race.  Before the race on Sunday, we had a jam packed weekend.  I wish I had taken more pictures.  I have no pictures of our visit with Grammy, Grandpa, Kristin, and Joe.  I have no good pictures of our visit with Mark, Emily, and kids. And, my pictures from bowling are awful.  These pictures are the ones that made the cut!

The twins at Maya's soccer game and yes it was COLD!
Female twins...
I love my Hanna...Kelsey's mini me!
I just love the hat!
Kels, Scott, and girls in DC
Mammy and Jonah
Mammy, Emma, and Jonah
One of my favorite pictures ever!
Me and Drew with my lovely (not) post race look
Us and the boys
Emma and buddies!
Elena and Leah having a "moment"
Marshmallow roast...yummy!
More roasting of yumminess
The three big girls
Leah, Maya, Jonah, Emma, Hanna, Samuel and Elena...pretty good pic for 7 of them!
And a few super highlights....

Emma and the big cousins at the Lincoln Memorial...she was just so excited to visit this site!

Cherry Blossom family picture!
Too sleepy from a busy weekend to stay awake on the plane trip home...sweet boy!

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