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Monday, April 11, 2011

Run for the Rose recap

Sunday was the Run for the Rose race.  All proceeds from the race benefit brain cancer research.  We participated in this race as members of Scottie's Lucky Charms.  Scottie is the grandson of one of Drew's co-workers.  He is a four year old boy who has battled brain cancer for three years.  Almost all he and his parents have known is sickness.  It was such a pleasure to meet this sweet little boy.  He has a beautiful smile, is silly, and full of life.

The race was held at Reliant Stadium so off we went early Sunday morning with our cute little team shirts.  The plan was for me to run the competitive 5K while Drew and the kids walked the family 5K.  When I finished running, I was to double back to meet them.

I had no expectations for this run.  I hoped to do well, but my legs were still sluggish from the 10 miler last week.  Who knew that I would run my best 5K time ever...22:49!!  Holy cow!  The funny thing about the race is that I kept thinking how much I now dislike the shorter distances.  I like sprinting less for 3 miles than I do running for 10-13 miles....crazy I know!  During the last mile I was running up an unexpected hill (actually an overpass bridge walkway) and I was tired.  I really wanted to slow down, but I was thinking I had a good time going so I kept at it.  I thought about Scottie and our friend Mike, who is one year brain cancer free.  If he can fight that battle, I knew I could run up a silly little hill.

After I finished I grabbed some water and started to walk the course backwards.  I found Drew and company just past mile one.  I walked to last 2.1 miles with them, which was fun.  Emma did super awesome.  I think she really could have run and done well.  Jonah whined about being tired because he is Jonah and that is what he does.  So, he, Samuel, and Elena took turns riding in the double stroller.  I believe that every finish line should be crossed as strong as possible so I made everyone run the last ten yards.  It was fun despite some protesting!

Walking strong and having fun!
Needing water because he was so tired!
Drew hamming it up for the camera
The after race party was amazing.  It was beyond kid friendly with jumpers, face painting, crafts, and more food vendors than one can imagine.  It was so well organized and being inside one of the Reliant buildings was a plus.  The kids had a blast! 

Elena loving her lollipop!
Finishing their last treat of icee's and lollipops!
I was super excited to place 3rd in my age group, which at this race was 30-39.  It is usually a five year grouping.  Instead of a medal I received some tea (a race sponsor) and a beautiful silver rose pendant necklace.  I can't wait to wear it !!!

Emma took this picture.
Taken just after we finished walking/running the family 5K.

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