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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was jammed packed, but relaxing at the same time.  Drew did a lot of work on the family room.  I tried to stay in the mix to help as I was not feeling well all weekend.  I was hugely bummed by this because I had big running plans.  They did not pan out because I could not breathe!

 On Friday we planned to attend a KSBJ concert, but Jonah was not feeling well and it was hot.  Drew and I felt like it would be too much for him so we went out to dinner instead.  It was lots of fun because we ate outside.  The kids were able to move around without the stress of repeatedly saying "sit still".
So cute!
Watching the big I dare join?

Saturday I found enough energy to make Resurrection Rolls for a morning snack and to dye eggs with Samuel, Jonah and Emma.  Samuel thought it was hilarious that Jesus was a marshmallow.  I think they understood the symbolism of the tomb and the marshmallow disappearing...well, except for Samuel.  In the afternoon we dyed the eggs.  Elena joined in for a little while, but she was only allowed to watch from her high chair.  I boiled the eggs, let them cool, and then peeled them...WHAT!?  I do this every year...when will I learn.  So, I boiled more and was thankful that my kiddos know I will probably do this.  Emma did tie-dye eggs and the boys did dinosaur eggs.

Aren't they cute?
Sunday was of course Easter Sunday!  After church the kids received their baskets, which were so loved.  Elena liked to open the Easter eggs regardless of whose it was!  I did not try to take good pictures because they were just too excited to sit or stand still for more than 10 seconds.  I did enjoy seeing the girls in their wedding dresses one last time.  They looked so pretty and grown up.

Jonah was imitating the dinosaurs.
Emma received pj's with a matching pair for her doll, Sonny.
Oooh, what is in here?
Emma just looking so pretty in her dress!
We had Easter dinner with our friends Eileen, Patrick, Kim, Scott, Nathan, Connor and Braden...our Texas family!  All in all it was a great weekend and we enjoyed celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus!

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