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Monday, August 22, 2011

DC Cupcakes...can we say yummy!

This is a total rewind post, but I needed to be home to download some pictures! 

We went to DC Cupcakes in July with Kelsey, Maya, and Hanna.  We left early because of the downtown DC traffic.  Despite arriving 30 minutes before opening, we still had to wait in line.  We were the second group of customers into the store.

Jonah, Emma, Maya, Hanna, and Samuel.  We left the little girls at home.

There were so many awesome choices that I could not pick just one to eat.  Neither could the kids.  So, I ordered a dozen and then realized I did not get any with chocolate icing.  So, I had to order two more!  The cupcakes are good, but the icing is ridiculous!!!  When I tasted the chocolate icing my mind went blank.  It was just amazingly wonderful.

Is that not amazing!
Red velvet with cream cheese icing
Banana with white icing
Birthday cake with white icing and sprinkles

It was so yummy and worth driving in DC during rush hour traffic.  We might just have to visit again next summer!

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