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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Outdoor fun

When it is not 100 degrees or hotter outside, it is possible to play outside.  We did a lot of that at Kelsey's house.  Kelsey always has great water toys, chalk, bubbles, and other outside toys for the kids.  

One of our outside days was filled with water balloon pinatas (so fun!), spray painting the kids hair, and children sundaes.  Yes, we covered the kiddos in chocolate syrup, Redi-Whip, cherries, sprinkles, and caramel sauce.  They loved it!!!  Unfortunately, Kelsey took most of the pictures that day so I don't have any of the human sundaes.

Sprinkler and water table play fun
Jonah and Samuel with spray painted hair getting ready for pinata time
Leah sportin' her cool hair color!
Leah enjoying the water slide
Elena "drinking" from the sprinkler
Hanna on the water slide
Bowie is also filled with so many wonderful parks.  Our favorites this year were the Dragon Park and the petting zoo park (the name is escaping me!)

Leah and Elena...."Frienemies!"
Jonah, Elena, Samuel, Emma, Maya, Leah, and Hanna
Elena "Driving"
Maya and Emma

The best part of the backyard fun was the camp out!  Scott won the best Daddy/Uncle award and agreed to camp out with the older kids in the backyard.  So, everyone except for Elena and Leah slept in the tent.  They actually slept and had lots of fun in the process!

All ready to go!
Kids and summer...what could be more fun!

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