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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Creek

When Kelsey and I were little we used to go to our Aunt and Uncle's house to play and swim in the creek.  I remember the creek being shallow enough to walk in, but deep enough that we were not allowed to go by ourselves.  I also remember it being tons of fun!

This summer Kelsey and I had the opportunity to take our kiddos to the same creek.  Timing worked that we were all able to spend the day at our Aunt Judy and Uncle Gary's house.  Only now, they also have a pretty big pool in their yard as well as the creek.  It was a day of pure delight for seven little children.

Hanna and her water balloon
Leah riding in her tube
Maya hanging on
Emma having fun
Samuel, Elena, and me going for a boat ride
Hanna, Maya, Emma, Samuel, and Jonah going for a ride
Jonah dunking the ball
It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  We swam forever and ever.  There were tons of tubes and a little boat for the kids to use in the pool.  They played with water balloons in the pool.  The also played basketball using the net and the tubes as targets.  When they were kind of bored of swimming (which was hours) we played in the creek.  It was just a wonderful day spent playing and visiting with family!

Maya and Emma being cautious
Hanna and Samuel taking off with no fear
Samuel and Jonah
Samuel LOVED the creek!
Samuel checking out this picture!
Elena missed the fun as she was napping.

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