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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Riding Bikes

Emma, Samuel, Maya, Jonah, and Hanna
This was a big biking summer for us.  Jonah learned how to ride without training wheels and to start himself within a week.  Drew completed a 75 mile bike ride at camp.  Emma and Samuel enjoyed riding when with their cousins.  I just continued to watch and encourage from the sidelines.

At Kelsey's, we went on a couple of bike rides.  Samuel, bless his heart, pedaled his little legs off trying to keep up with the big kids.  He did a great job and actually completed a 2 mile ride with some help on the hills.  I was super proud of him. 

Obviously at home we do not have hills.  So, Emma and Jonah were thrilled to ride up and down hills.  It made me nervous not knowing how they would do, but no falls!  Poor little Hanna did have a big fall going down hill.  She flipped over her handle bars and somehow only managed to get a small bruise on her cheek and a scraped elbow.  Her bike was more damaged than she was injured.

At camp, Drew, Greta, and Doug went on a 75 mile bike ride around the Island.  The thought overwhelms me, but they did it and loved it.   It took them about 4.5 hours including stops to refill water and refuel with snacks.  Wow...I would still be pedaling!  If ever there was a place to ride that long, Vermont is it.  The views are amazing.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a before or after picture...bummer!

Bikes have not been a part of our life since we got home.  Temperatures in the 100's are just too much for any outdoor activity that does not involve swimming.  Hopefully Fall will be here soon!  Just look at how much fun they had.

Kelsey with Leah, Emma, Maya, Jonah, Samuel and Hanna
Hanna after the big spill (notice the handle bars)...still smiling!
Here comes Emma
Loved it!
There she goes and she made it!

Here comes Maya
Happy and serious at the same time!
Maya made it!
Here comes Jonah!
Jonah could not be happier!
Pedal, pedal, pedal...and he made it!
Jonah and Hayden
Look at their crazy it!!

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