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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


In May at Gymfest Emma split the beam.  It hurt her more than just physically.  She became afraid of the beam and she lacked confidence that she could perform on it.  Emma was ready to give up gymnastics because of one fall.

However, Emma is a strong girl and I like to think that Drew and I are good at encouraging her not to quit on keep trying.  On that day in May, she did her routine.  She did not do it as well as she could, but she got back up and did it.  That is what mattered that day.

Since then Emma dreaded every moment spent on the beam at practice.  She was afraid of the high beam.  She "hated" me all summer for making her practice the most on the beam.  She rolled her eyes at me (and she can do it really well) every time I told her to practice a skill again. 

The funny thing about Emma hating the beam is that she looks beautiful on it.  Her long lean body looks so graceful on the beam.  I love watching her on it.

Emma's confidence has slowly returned.  There have not been any other nasty falls.  The look on her face is more concentration than fear.  Anna, her coach, has nurtured, challenged, and coached Emma perfectly on the beam!

On Sunday, Emma asked to perform her beam routine FIRST!  I almost choked when I saw her waiting to go..really!  I was so nervous for her.  But, my strong beautiful girl was great!

The smile on her face is a picture that will forever be in my memory.  It was a smile filled with relief, pride, and a sense of satisfaction.  She earned her first nine at competition on the event that challenges her the most.

Months ago I wrote out Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" and gave it to Emma.  I asked her to put it on her gymnastics locker door. She did and we talk about this scripture and what it means before each competition and before many practices.  On Sunday Emma realized the truth of this scripture!

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  1. Congrats Emma! You are an amazing girl who can do anything . . . . don't underestimate yourself!