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Friday, September 23, 2011

Braids, pigtails, ponytails...oh my!

Oh how I love to play with hair.  I love to brush it, to braid it, do whatever to it that my girls will let me.   My awesome nieces, Maya and Hanna, have two of my favorite heads of hair!  They have beautiful and thick hair.
Look at all that wonderful hair!
My girls have not been quite as blessed in the hair department.  Emma just now will let me mess with her hair.  The thought of using a hair dryer almost gives her hives!  Gymnastics has been my hair savior because her hair must go up!
So pretty and fun to do!
Elena, on the other hand, runs at the sight of a brush.  Clips and little ponytails are out of the question.  The first problem is that she barely has hair.  The second problem is that she is 20 months old.  Thank goodness for her cousin Leah who wears clips in her hair all the time.  Leah converted Elena into a ponytail loving (kind of) little girl!  My heart is happy!

Little ponytail with a clip!

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