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Monday, September 12, 2011

Galveston for the weekend

We just returned from Galveston yesterday.  We went because Drew's group at work rented a house for the weekend. We stayed at the house along with Drew's boss Keith and his family.  On Saturday a large group of co-workers (like 50 or 60) came for the day. 

The house was nice and super close to the beach.  We stayed in the downstairs half of the house, which was a little smelly.  I think Hurricane Ike caused some damage to the house and some smell lingers.  I have washed and re-washed way too much clothing since we returned home.

Still, we had a nice little getaway!  The kids loved the beach.  Jonah was a regular fixture in the waves and was so excited to try boogie boarding.  Emma liked the ocean and playing in the sand.  She also really enjoyed playing with Keith's 10 year old twin daughters.  By late Saturday afternoon, Samuel was so brave in the water.  It was been awesome to watch his timidness near water disappear this summer.  He let Drew take him way out in the water and in the waves!  Elena also liked the little waves.  It was so cute watching her "jump" over the waves. 

Jonah in the waves
Samuel flying a kite
Elena hanging out at the house
Emma looking for shells
It was a quick trip (thankfully it is close)!  But, it was a fun last glimpse of summer!

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