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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Virtual 5-K

Last year when I started running with increased purpose and defined goals I started reading more online about running.  Somehow I stumbled upon a blog entitled "Racing With Babes".  I was intrigued by her nicknames for the girls.  I loved that she lived in Virginia (it reminded me of home).  I liked how honest and encouraging she was about the ups and downs of running. I could/can totally relate to her very type A personality and structured life!   I decided that she would be the perfect running coach for me (she is)

Just like me "Racing With Babes" has lots of running goals.  One of her goals is to run the NYC Marathon as a member of Ethan Zohn's Grassroot Soccer charity.  How cool is that?  I donated to her fundraising efforts and as a thanks "Racing With Babes" hosted a virtual 5-K or 10-K with cool prizes for the winners.

I am a sucker for the chance to win cool prizes so I opted to run the 5-K distance.  I ran my "race" last Friday at 5am in the dark all by myself.  This "race" was the most mentally challenging race ever.  It was so dark, no people, no distractions, no water, and so the list goes.  Every step was a step against myself.  There was no one to catch!  This is what I find most challenging about running solo for speedy runs.  The mind can be so evil when the lungs are working hard!

I persevered and finished in 22:54.  It was not a PR for me (missed by 6 seconds), but I was excited to go under 23 minutes!  I know I won't win because I am not the fastest runner in the world.  That is okay with me.  This "race" proved to me that I am becoming mentally tougher with each step I take.  That lesson will be invaluable one of these days!

Thanks "Racing With Babes" for the challenge!  I can't wait to read your NYC marathon race report!!

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