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Monday, September 5, 2011

Best Run Ever

Every time I leave the house to run I wonder if this is going to be THE RUN.  The run where I feel great, I do not get tired, and the miles pass quickly.  I have lots of crappy runs, lots of so-so runs, and some good runs.  I have had three memorable runs.  Lucky for me all three were races....a 5K, a 10-miler and a half marathon.  I will remember each of those runs forever.  Even still those were not THE RUN.

I had THE RUN at camp.  I set out to run from camp across the sand bar bridge,which is 9-10 miles. I had not run long distance in a few weeks so I felt this would be plenty long enough for me.  I was so excited to run on the hills, along the lake, through farmland, and across the lake on this bridge.  Drew was going to pick me up on the other side of the bridge.  That was the plan.

Well, sometimes plans are just that...plans.  My plan changed and definitely for the better.  A few miles into the run I was wishing I had my phone.  I was feeling so wonderful...perfect temperature and perfect leg cooperation on this day...that I wanted to tell Drew to stay at camp.  But, no phone and he met me as planned.  I think he knew I was feeling IT on this particular day so he encouraged me to run back to camp.  What was he thinking...18 miles when my longest run ever was 16 and that was 6 weeks prior.  He was nuts, but I was feeling IT.  So, I kissed him and Elena and turned around to run some more.

It was the best running decision ever!  I ran back a different way to challenge myself with some more hills.  As I came back into town I was still feeling good and thought I can go longer.  I would have ended at 15.  I took the long way back to camp for a grand total of 17.1 miles in 2:36.09. 

I was seriously dumbfounded and over-joyed with myself at the same time.  My average pace was 9:08 with hills!  I am still in awe when I think about this run and trust me I think about it often!

This run gave me hope.  Hope that I will survive marathon training!  Hope that I can run a marathon!  Hope that in the right conditions I can crush a run and exceed my expectations! 

This run proved to me that I am capable of more than I think I am physically, emotionally, and mentally! 

Running is so much more than just running!

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