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Sunday, November 21, 2010


This was the weekend of my half-marathon in Galveston.  Friday afternoon we headed to Galveston because the race was early Saturday morning.  The race itself was not great, but the kids had a blast.  This was the view from our hotel.

Nice, huh?

Saturday morning Drew and Samuel took me to the starting point.  It was warmer than I had hoped it would be...about 70 degrees.  I was surprisingly not nervous and more ready to get running.

Me at Stewart Beach with a great sunrise in the background
The race was okay and a serious test of my mental stamina.  My legs hurt and felt heavy from the start.  I was very discouraged about this.  There were no mile markers for the first two miles so pacing was difficult for me.  I do better when I know the distances and as a result I know I ran too fast in the beginning.  At one point my stomach was starting to revolt and I had to walk through that frustration.  By mile five I did not think I could finish the race. 

I was just trying to get to mile 9 because I knew that Drew and the kids would be there.  I was so happy to see them.  Everyone had made posters Friday night and Emma and Jonah were holding them up and yelling for me.  Samuel was crying as I passed so I stopped to give him a kiss.  Jonah came running up and I gave him a kiss too!  Elena was still sleeping so mom was in the hotel with her.

Just past mile 9.  Emma and Jonah were holding their signs!!

This was my view for 7-8 miles of the race...not too bad!
After mile 9 I knew that under 2 hours was not going to happen so I was hoping for 2:05.  I was feeling somewhat better at this point, but there was too much time to make up.  The last 4.1 miles were pretty much a blur for me.  I just kept focusing on whoever was in front of me.  As I have stated before, pray, songs, and scripture filled me head and helped me finish.  Finish I did in 2:03.34...five minutes slower than my goal time.  I was tired and ready to see my family.

I still don't think I fully realize what I accomplished.  This is only the second time I have run this far.  It will get better and get easier because there will be another time.  There will be other chances!

At least the medal was nice!

After the race and a nice shower, we checked out and headed to the beach.  The kids had a blast.  Elena loved the sound of the waves and watching the waves.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed running in the water.  The loved it so much that they both were soaking wet.  Emma and Mammy spent their beach time looking for shells. 

Testing out the was a little chilly!

The sand is so fun!

The beginning of getting wet and having so much fun!

Samuel completely soaked.

Having the time of their lives!
Of course, we had to have a family picture and it came out pretty well....

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  1. Good job on your first half! You should be so proud of yourself.