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Monday, November 22, 2010

It is just us again...

Mom/Mammy went home today.  I so dislike when people leave.  I lose my help.  I lose my adult daytime company.  I lose fun outings because two adults can handle four kids way better than just one. 

Mammy was here for my first ever half marathon.  Since I really used to dislike running, mom was super impressed with my accomplishment.  Since I was disappointed with the outcome, I was happy to hear encouraging words from my mom!

Mammy saw Jonah in his new gymnastics class and was shocked at his progress.  She told him "you have come a long way baby" and Jonah said "You can go that way.  It is shorter."  Five year olds can be so funny!

Mammy saw Emma at her gymnastics class and tennis lesson...both of which she enjoyed watching.

Samuel and Elena had fun just hanging out with Mammy!

On the beach in Galveston

I still can't believe they were all looking at the camera!

Me, Mom, and Emma
It was a great visit.  Now we have to plan the next one!!

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