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Monday, November 1, 2010


Wow!  It was a full day of Halloween activities.  It began with the Pumpkin Party at church in the afternoon.  The heat had returned so I talked Samuel into being a football player.  I was worried he would melt in his duck costume.  Jonah would not budge and still wanted to be Buzz, but he did leave his mask at home.  Since Samuel was changing costumes we had to create some of the parts.  Drew was super creative.  Check out the shoulder pads!

Samuel suiting up

Off they go....I think Samuel could play for PSU someday!
Oh, my goodness they are so cute!    
Down the slide Jonah goes.  He loved it and spent most of his time on the slide.
Daddy and Samuel.  The slide made Samuel nervous, but he eventually went down himself!
The kids "trunk or treated" and got lots of goodies.  The participated in the cake walk and won some cupcakes.  They played games.  They got to play, laugh, and be kids.  It was fun.

After a quick dinner and some rest, we headed out for some trick or treating.  We walked around the block and back.  Emma, Jonah, and Samuel did a great job of being kind to one another.  They took turns ringing doorbells and waited for each other.  Drew and I were so proud.

Emma the cat on her way to get goodies!
Buzz on his way to trick or treat
Samuel and Elena were tired.  No costume for Elena..she was too fussy.  Samuel ended up walking once the fun began!
After trick or treating, we returned home to give out candy.  I think the kids like to do that as much as get candy.  Drew put chairs in the yard and we just hung out until the candy was gone.

Waiting for this picture!
Emma hanging out between groups of kids
Samuel had been a long "game"!
Buzz looking good!
Elena and Drew hanging out in the yard
When all our candy was gone, Drew disabled our doorbell...isn't that funny?!  Three pieces of candy per child was the treat of the night!  All were pooped and asleep by 9!  Yuengling accompanied us on our walk and in the yard.  She was tired too!

She is wearing one of the kids glow sticks!
It was a very successful Halloween!  It was such a joy to watch Samuel really get what was happening and have so much fun.  It was great to watch Emma and Jonah be kind to Samuel...poor guy is always a few steps behind!  Elena just looked at everyone and probably thought "what is going on?"  It was just a great family weekend!

Happy Halloween!

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