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Monday, November 15, 2010

Sameul goes to gymnastics

Samuel has been bugging me and Drew to sign him up gymnastics for a while.  He loves to watch Emma and Jonah each week, but he really wants to jump, flip, and run.  Last week I gave in and registered him for a trial class and that class was TODAY!

Samuel was so excited.  I mean really excited.  While I was telling Ms. Eileen about his class, all he could do was smile and smile some more.  It was so cute!

After dinner we all went to the gym to watch him.
Standing in front of the big kids gym.  His class is in the toddler gym.
He was so excited that he could not stop waving his arms...silly boy!

It started out okay, but I was thinking doom was coming and it did.  He sat in the circle watching instead of participating.  After a short while the tears came and he was so sad.  Drew went into the class and he eventually stopped crying.  Drew helped Samuel follow along with the floor routine and things started to go better.  After the floor was the bars.  Samuel did better at trying to be independent and follow his teacher's lead.  He was able to do most of the skills with little or no help.  Finally, it was time for the trampoline and Samuel finally shined.  He did everything the teacher asked him to do and he did it well.

So, the first class was marginally successful.  I worry that Samuel will want Drew to go in every week.  This is going to be a hard habit to break I fear, but time will tell.  Samuel did say he had fun and that is what matters most!

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