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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bill Crews Remission Run

We did it.  It was freezing cold, but we did it.  All six of us braved the cold on Saturday morning to run The Bill Crews Remission Run.  I am so glad we did.  We had a wonderful time.

We left the house at 6:40 and arrived at the race site a little after 7a.  It was 26 degrees when we parked.  Drew dressed the boys and Elena while I picked up our chip timers.  It was a lot to get accomplished in less than an hour, but we did it...barely!  I took these pictures right after we arrived.
Ice on the pond and grass totally covered in a little ice and major frost!

Emma and Jonah's one mile race began at 8am.  Drew and I decided that I would run with them  for encouragement!  It would also help me warm up for my run.  We took off and Jonah really took much so that Drew did not get him in the picture.

Before the race with too many layers of clothing to mention!
Emma is on the far right in the pink fleece.  I am right behind her.
I hollered to Jonah to slow down and thankfully he did.  Unlike our training runs they did not ask to walk as much.  In fact, Emma was running ahead of me and Jonah for most of the run.  At one point she ran back to us which resulted in me telling her to run on and finish!  She did awesome.  Emma finished second in her age group (8 and under) with a time of 10:34.  She was flying!

Emma crossing the finish line!

Jonah did so well.  He was tired and really cold despite so many layers of clothing.  He only walked a little bit.  I think he was encouraged by reminders of the heated tent at the finish line.  He ran hard to the finish!  Jonah was sixth in his age group (8 and under) with a time of 10:55.

Jonah crossing the finish line!
After their race with their finishers medals!
Before the 5K race, all the names of survivors and those who have died were read.  It probably took between 10-15 minutes to read all the names.  I did not hear Gil's/Peepaw's name read, but Drew and the kids did.  I tuned out the reading because I was already emotionally overwhelmed.  Finally, it was my turn and off we went.  It was cold and it was not my best race.  The course was nice...flat, nice scenery, and not too crowded.  There was ice on the course at several spots, but it was clearly marked with cones.  I truly never thought I would run a race in Texas with such crazy weather conditions.  I finished third in my age group with my time just under 24 minutes.

After the race, we were able to take some cute pictures of the kids and family pictures as well.  It was still cold, but the sun was out so it felt warmer.

Elena and Samuel waiting for Emma and Jonah to finish running.
Jonah all bundled...there was still ice on the pond, but it is harder to see.
Samuel kept trying to find things to break the ice.
This picture was taken after my race was finished.
This picture was taken after I got my medal.
During the kid's race and my race, we passed Gil/Peepaw's name on the course.  It was such a nice tribute to him.  The kids wanted a picture by his name, which we took just before heading home.

I definitely think this race will become a family tradition!  Drew and I were so proud of Emma and Jonah.  It was a lot to ask of them considering how cold it was.  They were troopers and ran their hearts out!!!  I like to think that Peepaw was smiling on all of us!

By the way, when we left just after 10a it was 42 degrees.  Texas weather was returning...thank goodness!

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