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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The return of normal Texas weather

Wow!  It has been cold.  We have lived here for 13 years and I don't ever remember it being this cold for this many days in a row.  Spring, TX winters are supposed to be nice and gentle.  The past few weeks have been more like rip roaring mad kind of winters.

Well, the warm weather has finally returned and not a day too soon.  I was ready for everyone to play outside and so was everyone else.  It is no fun to play outside in cold weather with no snow so we have just been holed up for days.  That all changed on Friday!  We all went outside to play and I have barely let Emma, Jonah, and Samuel in the house since then.

Everyone swinging.
She likes to sit, not bounce, on the trampoline.
Saturday Drew had choir so I took the kids to the park.  We played hard for over an hour.  Considering Elena, Jonah, and I have this yucky, horrible cough that was a long time.  Elena has the cough and congestion worse than the rest of us so she had to keep her coat on and hood up.  Either way, we had lots of fun!

Teeter totter
Elena loves to go down slides
Climbing around
Please smile at me Samuel and this is the best I get!
She just finished flipping on the bars
Hanging by one hand
What should be my next move?
Still watching and still super cute!
And these two are my favorites...

Plotting their next move...
Sliding down train style!

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