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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ice not Snow...bummer!

A huge cold front moved into Houston on Tuesday morning (Feb1).  The next day rolling blackouts began because of increased demand on the power grid in combination with at least one power plant going offline.  That meant no school for the boys because the church was effected.  Drew experienced blackouts at work as well, but he worked all day. 

Wednesday morning puddles in our yard froze.  I took the boys out to look at them and Samuel promptly fell (I forgot to take a picture).  They had fun smashing the ice and walking on the crunchy grass.  Yuengling loved the cold weather and spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday in the backyard. 

A pretty rare sight for our Houston backyard!
All week long the forecasters were warning of snow!  How fun to have snow in Houston.  I did not tell the kiddos until Thursday and I should have kept my mouth shut.  The prediction was 1-3 inches and the result was nothing...a big fat nothing!  Instead we were blessed (not) with ice.  All of Houston and the surrounding areas were covered in ice.  Regardless there was no school.  Actually school had been canceled Thursday afternoon so at least we could sleep in on Friday.

My van covered in ice.  Despite a warm up, some ice remained on the van all day.
It looks wet, but really this plant was covered in ice.
So, with no snow to play in we were stuck inside because it was slippery outside!  The kids were bummed, but probably not as much as me!!!  The boys played with play dough for a long time.  The both love play dough.  Emma read a entire book in the morning!   Elena walked around playing and looking mischievous!

Then, after a chat about her attitude, Emma planned a tea party for Jonah, Samuel, and Elena.  It was quite the affair.  She served water instead of tea, cantaloupe, turkey, cheese, and pretzels!  They had so, so, so much fun and I did not have to make lunch...bonus for me!

Our afternoon was filled with baking...blueberry muffins and pumpkin chocolate chip cake....YUMMY!  I have no idea what happened to the muffins.  They look ridiculous, but tasted good!

After a day of cabin fever we talked Daddy into DQ for dessert.  The ice had melted and the roads were dry by this time.  I had to take this picture of Emma because she looked so darn cute in my hat!

It has been a crazy cold couple of days.  I am sure we won't have too many more (if any!) snow days in Houston so I am glad we were able to have a fun day!  Although, don't get me wrong...I am ready for school to resume on Monday!!!

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