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Friday, June 17, 2011


My long runs are happening on Fridays for the next couple of weeks.  Since Drew is riding 30-40 miles on Saturdays, it takes up too much of our day for me to run long and for him to ride long on Saturday mornings.  Hence me running long on Friday.  I like the change in our schedule. I also like being able to take two shorter runs on Saturday and Sunday.

I went to bed last night with a plan to run 16.5 miles this morning.  As soon as I stepped out the door, I knew that was not going to happen.  I felt like I stepped into a sauna.  It was horribly gross outside and it was only 5:20am.  I changed my goal to 13.1 (a little half to start my day)!

One mile into my run, I realized two of my water bottles were leaking and I had lost about 5 ounces of water.  Not good considering the humidity and how much I was sweating.  Trying to keep my pace at or just below 10min/miles was tough.  This is usually not the case for me.

At mile 6 when it was light enough to turn on my Ipod, it would not work.  I had sweated so much that it was not working. That was not the motivation I was seeking.  So, I ran by a friends house and hid it by their front door.

At this point, I felt defeated.  It was grossly humid, I had less water than I needed, and no music...argh!  I plugged away for six more miles and called it quits for the day at 12.5 miles.  I was too hot to run any longer and out of liquid.  My shorts were literally dripping water when I got home.  My pace for the run was 9:53 which ended up being an acceptable pace for a long run.

I looked up the humidity when I got home...82%.  No wonder I felt like I was running through water.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day!

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