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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lessons learned on the pavement this week

1.  I went to a running class on Monday. It is sponsored by the organization that does my boot camp.  I won't be going back.  The class was disorganized, too far from the house, and attended by non-runners.  I know this sounds totally awful and maybe it is a little awful.   However, I was hoping to find one - maybe two if I was lucky - running partners.  A non-runner cannot be a regular running companion for me because of lack of experience, totally different running goals, and paces that are too different.  Maybe I will have to check back at the end of the class!

2.  The other grand thing I learned from the class was the reaffirmation that I am really just an average runner.  In my head I like to think that I am a little bit above average.  BUT, I am really just average.  The class leader was 8 min miles fast on short and long runs.  I would love to be able to hold that pace on long runs.  I am not there and don't think I ever will be.  The other ladies were slow so that left me in the middle...just average.  I am working on coming to terms with this.  Drew likes to tell me I am "middle C" in many things and I guess this is another one of those things.

3.  I am not a good pacer.  I ran a 5 mile tempo run on Wednesday.  I was excited to do some speed work and I did run fast...for me!  However, I was all over the place with my splits.  I ran a warm-up mile and a cool down mile.  Both were over 9 minutes and that was perfect.  The middle three miles were 7:42, 7:55, 7:26 (my goal was under 8 so goal met) in that order.  That is so inconsistent.  I do love to challenge myself on my last mile or last hard mile and I did that for sure.  My next tempo run goal is for my mile splits to be within 10 seconds of one another.  I know I can do it.

4.  So far I have not been bothered by the heat and humidity.  Running at 6am helps and I am glad I am dealing well with the heat.

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