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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Are they listening?

We pray as a family at dinner and at bedtime.  During the school year I pray with Emma before she leaves for school.  I pray with the boys as we drive to school or before our daily activities begin.  Elena is currently just doing who knows what while praying is occurring.

Now that it is summer, we pray together before we head out for the day or begin playing at home.  Most days when I say it is time to pray, Samuel goes first.  His prayers are the same each day, but I love them just the same.  He prays for everyone's day to go well and for us all to get home safely again at night.  Jonah offers to pray a couple times a week.  His prayers are very similar to what Samuel says.  Emma never wants to pray...someday!  Then it is my turn. 

I have been wondering all week if any of them are really listening to me or each other.  Drew says they are and I just have to have faith that it (the importance of daily praying) will matter in the long run.  So that is my prayer, that my kiddos are listening.  I pray that they are learning that prayer is important and powerful.  Someday I will know.....

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  1. Oh boy, I wonder that same exact thing with my kids!