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Thursday, June 23, 2011

She is really 8 today

Eight years ago today, my life changed forever.  Drew's life changed forever.  It was no longer about us and what we wanted.  It was now about the three of us.  Emma Caroline Mann was born....a true blessing, a gift from God, and a joy to her Mommy and Daddy.

21 inches long, 6-13 and oh so cute!
We had no idea how to be her parents.  It took me a good eight weeks before I realized I was the person responsible for cleaning behind her ears.  Somehow we learned to parent her and we have managed to guide Emma to her 8th birthday.

Emma, you are full of life.  You love lots of things.  You love to be with people, to help people, to teach people.  You love ribs, shrimp, and anything sweet.  You love to watch tv and you love to read books.  You love to be outside with your Daddy and cooking with me.  You love to play with your brothers and Elena....yes, you really do!

You can be so selfish, which is frustrating to me.  It hides your beauty and you are sad when you realize you have been selfish.  You hate to be wrong and to say "I'm sorry".  You don't like to take your rush too much.  But, this is also what makes you YOU!

I am proud of you for all the things you are and for all the things you do.  You are a blessing to me and Daddy each many moments of each day.  You are strong, determined, beautiful, and kind.  Continue loving life, loving people, and loving GOD!

Happy Birthday!!  We love you!!!!!!!!!!

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