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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Elena is ONE!

On December 18, 2009 Drew and I arrived at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital for my induction.  I was due on Christmas Day and neither of us wanted a Christmas Day baby.  So, we made the decision to speed up mother nature.  It was the easiest birth process I ever experienced.  Dr. Ritter delivered our baby at 2:37pm.  It was a 6 lb 13oz 20.5 in girl and we named her Elena Joy!

Her Birth Day
This past year has passed so quickly.  I feel like I treasured every moment of Elena's first year.  She has been such a joy to all of us.  Emma loves having a little sister.  Jonah thinks she is wonderful.  Samuel likes to "play" with her.  Drew and I just love all her smiles, kisses, and hugs!

Elena wore her birthday shirt and looked oh so cute!  She looked even extra cute wearing her homemade cupcake bow...thank you Aunt Kelsey!

She did not really understand the concept of opening presents.  She did like what the boxes!  She also received some darling clothing, but she did not think that was nearly as fun as toys.

Look at this fun box...she saw a baby on the box and she loves babies!
She was so so so happy to have a push stroller.  Her new bear fit perfectly in the seat.
Elena hesitating to open a present.
So happy and silly...again pushing her new stroller.

Look at me!
So cute I am!
We opened presents before dinner.  Her first birthday dinner was mini meatloafs, sweet potatoes, and peas.  Those are some of her favorite foods.  After dinner it was time for her cake.  I made a separate cake for her to enjoy all by herself.  When we put it in front of her to eat, she just looked at it.  She did not really know what to do it with and just played with the icing.  She did eat some icing, but was happier when we gave her a few pieces of the was all really quite funny!

white cake with pink cream cheese icing
Eating some of the icing
Elena, Emma, Jonah, and Samuel
I know Elena had no idea what December 18th was and why she got presents and cake.  Drew and I know what the day was about and it was great to celebrate our fourth blessing from God.

We love you Elena Joy...Happy 1st Birthday!!!

James 1:17 "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father..."

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