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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

San Antonio

Drew, Jonah, and Samuel headed to San Antonio last weekend to watch a soccer tournament.  It was a special tournament because Drew's cousin Sam was playing.  Sam plays for Messiah College and they were in the Division III National Championships.

The first game was late Friday morning so they headed out early.  Drew's Aunt Robin, Uncle Phil, and cousin Grant were there for the game as well.  According to Drew, the boys did great on the drive and were wonderful spectators.

The boys at the stadium

Saturday morning everyone went to breakfast at an amazingly decorated restaurant. 

Grant, Robin, and Philip

Samuel, Drew, and Jonah

Jonah by the crazy awesome Christmas tree

Samuel loving a yellow truck near the restaurant
Their trip concluded on Saturday after a successful soccer game in which Messiah won in overtime.  There were many fun little adventures, but Jonah told me the best part of the weekend was watching #4 play soccer...that would be Sam.  Samuel thought it was pretty special that he and Sam have the same name!  (I must add that I forgot about Drew's cousin Sam when we named our little baby boy Samuel...oops!)

Sam, Samuel, Drew, and Jonah after the big win!

Before they left to come home, something crazy happened.  Samuel, who shouldn't but does, lost his paci.  Drew had no idea where it was, but the boys did.  Samuel had dropped it through the bleachers and it landed on this...

This is the top of the stadium bathrooms and that is Grant climbing up to retrieve the paci!  Thankfully...

Grant was successful because it made Drew's drive home much more pleasant.  The boys had so many fun stories to tell me when they got home.  I am thankful they had that special time with Drew and his family.

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