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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quiet is not my life...

The boys took off for the weekend...more about that it was just me and the girls.  Drew took the camera so I could not document our fun weekend with pictures - oh, well. 

Elena and I were super productive on Friday.  It is amazing what a difference one child can make in my ability to get things accomplished.  Samuel is normally with me on Fridays. 

After school Emma's friend by the same name came over to spend the night.  We indulged in pizza and ice cream.  The girls also had some popcorn.  It was so fun to watch them be silly little girls...jumping on the trampoline, doing crafts, watching fun shows and a movie, and giggling.  The best part was them reading their books.  I sent them to bed at 10:30 and when I went in to say good night, the girls were reading their books in bed like an old married couple.  It just cracked me up.  They were too cute!

Today was filled with shopping, running, baking cookies, and painting toenails.  Again, the peace was wonderful.  I so enjoyed my special time with Emma and Elena.  I know that Emma loved the quiet as well.  She told me at bedtime, "they are really loud!"

Even though peace and quiet is great, it is not my life.  I missed Samuel, Jonah, and Drew.  I missed their silliness and their loud voices.  The house was too quiet at times.  I am used to the noise and I guess I like it.  This weekend was a little refresher for me and Emma, but we were happy to have our boys back!

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