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Friday, December 10, 2010


Last night was the annual Northwoods MOMents (new name this year and love it!) Christmas gift exchange party.  Lots of women gathered at my friends C's house for a night of eating, being merry, and having lots of fun.  We played a game in which each person had to introduce themselves and add a Christmas word beginning with the first letter of their first name...did that make sense?  So, my name was Kortni Kringle.  It was difficult to think of a "K" Christmas word so I was glad to be second.  Some of the words people used were

O Holy
Christ child

I know I am at least forgetting two "M's", but I must say that I am pretty proud of myself for remembering that many.

Isn't that list a great little synopsis of Christmas.  Christmas is about Love...the love of a God beyond our comprehension.  It is about singing Carols telling the joyful story of the Christ-child's birth in Bethlehem.  Angels were singing and Kings came to honor him.  Our journey in God's Kingdom would be forever changed because of His gift to us. 

Today we decorate our home with Lights, Candles, Poinsettias and Tinsel.  Stockings hang from our Hearth's.  We make our homes, church's, schools, and even cars Jolly and Merry.  Our children anxiously awake Kris Kringle's arrival. 

The Christmas season is filled with so much...too much sometimes.  Isn't it great in the busyness of it all to be able to take a time-out to fellowship with women, to have fun, to enJOY (thanks Carmalyn!), and to refresh.

Thank you Carmalyn and Michelle!

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