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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Samuel Keath Mann

Samuel is a tricky little boy.  He is so bad and so lovable at the same time.  I often say "it is a good thing he is cute...". 

He loves his paci, milk, his ba-ba, wearing jeans, and working in the shop with his daddy.  I am also pretty sure that he would eat fruit and cucumbers for every meal if I would let him. 

He also dearly loves his sister Emma.  He will do anything she says. Elena is becoming someone he likes more and more.  In the most sweet voice he tells her "good night sweetie pie" every cute!  He and Jonah will probably be best friends and enemies at the same time.  They bug each other so much, but they also love to play together and do so beautifully.

No matter what you just have to love this sweet face....

Just a cute picture.
Playing football with his Daddy.
With his favorite person...Emma.
I think he is up to something...look at that face!
Playing outside makes him so happy.
Yeah, we are playing in sand...he loves to be dirty!
So excited about the fire
He fell asleep at dinner.
Eating his birthday cookie.  He loves cookies!
Playing at the beach this past summer

And my favorite special Samuel picture is....

He is just so handsome, isn't he??!! 
Love you Samuel

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