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Sunday, January 30, 2011

100 miles

One year ago this week my out of shape self returned to formal exercise.  I was six weeks postpartum and was thrilled to begin exercising.  I started by going to a boot camp class two times a week and venturing onto our elliptical if time allowed the other days.

The boot camp sponsored a 5K in March and I figured I could do that.  So, I started running 2-3 times a week mid February.  I was not in shape to run a 5K and hoped to get under 30 minutes.  I did and was so happy with myself (29:15).

The running high I felt from that race led me to sign up for the Houston Astros 5K race Memorial Day weekend.  I had wanted to run this event for a while, but the timing was never perfect.   I began running more consistently and finished that race in 26:36.  I was super excited about my improved time.

Around that time I got the crazy idea to sign up for a half marathon, which was in November.  I also agreed to fun the 10K part of a triathlon with my brother in law, Scott.  These two decisions resulted in a serious commitment to running.  I started reading more about running, I researched training plans, and I started to give up sleep in the name of running...crazy I know!

I began keeping track of my mileage the last week or so of July.  I am following my third training program in less than a year.  Almost all the new clothing I have purchased in the last 8 months has been for running...what is wrong with me??!!

In all I could not be more thankful for the "God signs" that were in my path and led to this adventure.  I would not trade any moment of the journey.  I have learned something almost everyday...with all my failures and all my successes.

Tomorrow is the last day of January and for the first time ever I have run over 100 miles in a month!  HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!! 

As of today I have run 101.4 miles.  I am in awe of myself and so proud that I have accomplished this goal still happy and not injured!  I plan to run 3.1 miles tomorrow morning so my monthly total will be 104.5.  It is simply AWESOME!!

That leaves 895.5 more miles to run in 2011....

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