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Thursday, January 6, 2011

We are flying...not really!

Look what Meemaw gave Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and someday Elena for Christmas....

Emma on our new Zip Line
Jonah on the Zip Line
Daddy helping Samuel on the Zip Line
Drew and Jonah spent last Sunday putting up the Zip Line.  Jonah was beyond himself excited to help Drew, to use "cool" tools, and to finally use it!   These pictures were from the first few "runs".

Jonah's new favorite way to ride the Zip Line is upside down and backwards...oh, my heart watching that!

Elena has a few years until she can ride it so this is what she is doing in the meantime....

She is pretty mesmerized by it.

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  1. The girls love the zip at the park. Do I really have to tell them that they could have one at home?