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Thursday, January 13, 2011

When cold hits Houston

A cold front busted into Houston this week!  I do mean has been below freezing three nights in a row and we are having another freezing night tonight.  The daytime highs have barely been in the 40's!  It is cold and I love it.  Houston is not built for cold.  Not all of our plants are hearty enough for the cold and the news talks about busted pipes all time.  So, when cold comes this is what we see in the neighborhoods, which I think is so funny.

Drew and I have covered our plants before, but not this time.  So far so good....

The other thing that comes with cold is all the gear.  Jonah loves the gear.  Samuel would rather wear a sweatshirt and call it done.  Mommy disagrees.  Elena can not stand gloves.  Still, they look so cute all dressed up for cold.  Emma had already left for school, but she is with Samuel.  Cold weather gear is not her favorite thing either, but she does like her new winter coat so she is more willing.

The other problem with the cold is our house.  It is drafty and cold especially downstairs.  So, this is what I did hoping to stop some of the drafts.  It has worked some.

Yep, those are dish towels stuck in a drafty door.  Cute, isn't it?
Despite the drafts and all the gear, cold weather does mean a few things that I love.  First is soup and we have had soup three nights for dinner.  I love to run in the cold.  I have done that three mornings this week.  Finally, I get to wear my heavy that!  I wish it was cold here more often.

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  1. You need to teach Elena Leah's word whenever she steps outside now - "Brrrrr"