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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 is here!

We rang in 2011 with a bang...Drew and I were in bed asleep by 11:30.  We must be getting old!  In reality, we were tired from a great party with our friends, some fun fireworks, yummy food, and good drinks.  Even though we live in the Central Time Zone I still think of New Year's Eve occurring when the ball drops in NYC.

I started off the New Year by running my own 5K.  It was a  fantastic morning for a run.  We then headed to our friends the Hasslers for a New Year's Day brunch.  The food was great and the mimosas even better.  We headed home for naps (the little ones) and PSU vs. Florida.

The game was typical 2010 team one series and another team the next series.  Penn State lost.

Then, it was off to our next party. I finally remembered my camera and took tons of pictures.  It is tradition to ring in the New Year with pork and sauerkraut with mashed potatoes.  Yummy barely describes how wonderful this meal is and Kim did a bang up job!  I ate tons of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut so here's hoping for lots of good luck this year!

Jonah, Samuel, Kim, Connor, Nathan, Braden, and Elena getting ready to eat
Kim and Connor
Nathan and Braden
Samuel was a little excited about dinner!
Miss Elena
Me, Elena, and Jonah
Emma wanted to eat with the daddy's...Drew and Scott.  Jonah sat with them for a while too!
 Kim, Scott, and the boys are from PA as well.  So, they are good PSU fans and know all about the New Year's Day meal.  We share this day with them whenever our travel and visiting family schedules allow.

After dinner the kids ate the Hamilton Gingerbread House.  They all thought it was a great dessert!

See the cute little house?
See what they did to the cute little house?
We had a great beginning to 2011. I know that God has great plans for our family as individuals and as a family this year.  I am ready for the journey!

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