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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Things...the leaking edition

1.  Drew's grandmother, Banny, passed away on January 11th.  Despite kind of expecting her to die, it is always a shock to hear the words.  We traveled to Pennsylvania for the funeral/celebration of her life.  Banny was larger than life...the matriarch of the family.  I met Banny before I met Drew's parents.  She welcomed me into all the Woodworth craziness without hesitation.  She treated me like I was one of them long before I knew I would be one of them!  As was stated by so many at her funeral, Banny lived for her family, her faith, and her country.  She was the most hospitable person anyone knew.  It makes me sad to know that my kiddos will not know Banny.  However, lucky for us Banny lives on because of her seven children, thirty grandchildren, and almost thirty great grand-children.  Her legacy, her values, her way of life will continue on without a doubt.  We cried many tears and have heavy hearts, but it is wonderful to know that she is with her Maker in a much happier place!

2.  Joe Paterno passed away on January 22.  I did not know JoePa personally, but I feel like I did.  It was obvious to anyone who paid attention to Penn State who JoePa was.  He was a man of character who loved his family, his school, his players, his country, and his faith.  He believed everyone could be better tomorrow than today.  He lived that out by challenging boys to be men on and off the field.  He challenged students to be better by contributing to the education of so many at PSU.  I have watched many tribute videos this week and feel thankful to have been witness to his life.

"Believe deep down in your heart that you're destined to do great things!"

3.  On a different leaking kind of note, my house is leaking.   It rained so much on Wednesday and a leak in our house grew and grew and grew.  When I arrived home I found a wet floor and a stream of water flowing from the breakfast room ceiling.  This is what my floor looked like as I tried to contain the water.
I then prepared to climb into the crawl space above the breakfast room to stop the leak.  I found it and placed a bowl there to keep the water from leaking through the ceiling.  I look lovely don't I?
Just in case you wondered how much it rained...our backyard does not normally look like a pool!
Yes, it kind of looks like waves in the new pool.  I am thinking of asking for my money back.  I would like a nicer pool.
 So, I am ready for the leaking to stop...the tears and the raindrops!  This family is in need of some sunshine!

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