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Monday, January 2, 2012

MT: Recap Week Seven

Seven weeks are finished and I am still standing!  In fact I am feeling pretty strong.  My hip and foot felt really great this week.  They are both still bothersome, but I am doing something right in treating them.  They both seem to be better!!! I PRAY this continues!!!!

I ran 48.4 miles, which is my highest mileage week since training began in November.  It is also the highest number of miles I have ever run in one week!

I ran 4.4 extra miles than the plan outlined and I know that is a risk.  I felt good and really took it easy on my runs so hopefully it won't be a problem in future weeks!

I was a bad plan follower this week.  Our unexpected (to me) trip to South Texas messed up my schedule.  I ran on Monday and then had off the next two days.  On Thursday I ran 13 miles to make up for missing Wednesday.  That meant my run consisted of a 9 miler and a 4 mile speed work run...yikes.  I did it and was pleased with my mental toughness. Friday I ran 9 miles again...slowly.  Saturday I ran 16.4 miles.  My legs were dead tired, but recovered quickly thanks to lovely inventions like compressions socks and shorts.  I "heart" them very much!  Sunday to ring in the New Year I ran 4.2 miles.  That is way too many miles in four days...definitely not smart!  Still, lots of fun for me!!!

This week I need to work on my hitting my paces.  I have not done a very good job of running 8:11 miles.  I run them too fast.

Bring it week 8....half way week!

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