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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A first for me

I have realized that with each additional child less and less cleaning occurs.  Don't get me wrong.  I still clean, but I rarely really clean.  I save that for parties, lunches with my girlfriends, and visits from family.  I decided that I could continue to struggle to get it all done and try to tend to each child's need each day or just give in.

So, I finally gave in or should I say got over my dumb notions.  Drew has been telling me for years to hire a cleaning lady.  I always said no fully believing it is my job to clean the house.  I am a stay at home mom and I see caring for the house as part of my job. 

I have focused a lot on the Proverbs 31 women this year in my personal readings and at a MOMS group that I attend.  That women was amazing and she did it all every day from sun up to sun down.  But, she had help! Verse 15 says (paraphrased) that she gets up early and prepares food for her family and some for her servant girls.  I think if the "perfect" woman could have help than certainly I can have help.

Yesterday at my MOMS group the discussion was about "Duty or Delight".  What tasks are a duty for me and what tasks are a delight.  At first I thought "great, now I will feel guilty about having help caring for my home."  However, I realized that some of the things I consider to be a duty can now be completed by someone else.  That leaves more room for tasks that delight me.  One of those things is playing with my kids.  I will now have more time...more guilt free time to play with them.  I see this giving up my silly a positive step forward.  And, honestly, I am still the one caring for my home.  This is just one way I have chosen to care for it. 

I felt completely weird having someone clean my house while I played with Samuel and Elena.  However, she will be coming back...every other week to be exact.  She did a great job and I did not feel like I had to clean up after her.  I know...silly notions!


  1. Good for you1!!With 4 kids, I'd say you are entitled to a little extra help! Yesterday at MOMS I definitely heard a few things I think I was meant to hear. Enjoy the extra time with your kids, I know they will enjoy and remember quality time spent with their mom much more than a spotless house :) I love that "babies don't keep" poem, I always think of that when there are chores left undone at the end of the day.

  2. There is no guilt in being able to delight more in what you enjoy, and the kids will enjoy their "happier" Mommy since she isn't thinking about what she should be doing! Good for you!